Partner schools

Foreign Partner schools

Our school is in a long time partnership with following foreign educational institutions:

France Lycée Carnot
England Kirkby Stephen Grammar School
Germany Realschule Kirn
Spain Terassa

An integral part of the partnership is a student exchange programme, working on common projects, teacher exchange and regular communication between the students of both schools. Contact with partner schools makes up one of the most important education strategies of our school.

The aim of student exchage programs is to help students hone their communication skills in foreign languages, and as such, it complements foreign language education with a practical knowledge of living in a foreign country. Student exchange programs allow students to put their theoretical knowledge gained in lessons to use during everyday interaction with native speakers, show them the differences of life in foreign countries, teach them respect for different cultures and help the development of empathy and tolerance for members of the international community. The students are led to being responsible for themselves or their group. They are taught polite behaviour and good manners.

The student exchange programs are mainly aimed at coutries, whose official language is a foreign language taught at our school – England, France, Germany and even Spain.

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