Návštěva z Aljašky

Návštěva z Aljašky

Myslíte si, že mezikontinentální návštěvy jsou v této době nemožné? Mnozí studenti naší školy by to mohli vyvrátit, protože v minulých týdnech tuto neobyčejnou zkušenost zažili ve svých hodinách angličtiny.

Online výuka pomohla jedné dobrovolnici z Mírových sborů se vrátit po letech do České republiky alespoň virtuálně. Kara Weller pomáhala v porevolučních devadesátých letech, jako mnoho amerických dobrovolníků, se zdokonalováním angličtiny a zlepšováním životního prostředí v naší zemi.

Naši studenti tak měli jedinečnou možnost dozvědět se něco o Aljašce i mnoho ze soukromí Kary a ověřit si, že se i v primě výborně domluví s rodilou mluvčí, a to i za takto ztížených podmínek.

Přečtěte zkušenosti z primy B.

Our guest from Alaska

We had a special English lesson because we had a visitor from Alaska. This was a very nice lesson. We asked her questions and here are some things about her.

Her name is Kara Weller. She lives in Alaska. About half a million people live there. She is fifty-one years old. She can speak five languages: English, Czech, Russian, German and Finnish. She has got two sisters. One sister lives in Australia and the second sister lives in the USA in Colorado. She doesn't have any pets but there are many wildlife animals. She goes skiing every weekend. She works as a tour guide. She usually gets up at six o’clock in the morning. She can ride a horse. She can drive a car. It is dangerous to meet a moose.


 They have a short summer in Alaska for two or three months and the temperature can be 28 degrees. Now the weather is very cold. She was nice and happy.                          




Her name is Kara Weller. She is very interesting and she can speak 5 languages.This online lesson was absolutely incredible, because she lives in a cottage in Alaska.It’s very cold there,normally minus 7 degrees. Sometimes it is even minus fourteen degrees. It was really interesting to listen.

                 What's her usual day like,what does she do? She gets up at 6 o'clock and has breakfast.She always drinks tea for breakfast. Kara wants to be an english teacher, so she studies a lot. At noon she eats lunch.She usually eats salmon. Kara says salmon is very popular in Alaska but it’s not the national food in this country. She usually goes skiing.She likes horse riding,too. Kara hasn’t got any children or pets but she has two sisters. One of her sisters lives in Australia and the second lives in the USA.It was only an online lesson but I felt like I was in Alaska with her.                                                                                                                                         Dáša




Last English lesson was a cold winter day as in Alaska and a guest to our lesson was from Alaska too. Her name is Kara Weller. She’s got long, straight, blond hair. She hasn't got any pets. She’s got two sisters. First sister lives in Australia and the second sister lives in the USA as Kara. She can speak six languages - Czech, English, German, Russian and she can teach Finnish. She works as a tour guide in the cruise ship company. Kara is interested in sport, she skis every day and in the summer she rides a horse.

I understand her.                                                                                                                                            Šárka


Foreign guest Kara Weller

She lives in Alaska.

She can speak Russian,English,Czech,Spanish,German and she is learning Finnish.

She has 2 sisters, one lives in Australia and the other lives in the USA.

She lives in a cottage in the forest and she needs to bring water from other places to her cottage.

She works in a cruise ship company as a tour guide.

She wants to be an English teacher.

She likes horse riding.

She goes skiing very often.

I think Kara was very kind and I understood everything she said.

I would be happy if she could come back.


Our visitor from Alasca Kara Weller

Kara is from Alasca and she is 51 years old. She has two sisters. One of the sisters lives in the USA and the second one lives in Australia. Also one of the sisters has a family. Kara doesn't have any pets because she lives in the forest. She can speak five languages which are Russian, Czech, English, Spanish, German and she is learning Finnish. She works in Cruise ship company called Seabourne. She works as a tour guide. In Alasca they need to wear face mask because there is coronavirus. She doesn't have any tattoos. Kara wants to work as an English teacher. In Alasca there is a lot of snow and Kara goes skiing every day. She is interested in sports, reading and music.

 I understood almost everything she said and I would like to see her again in our lesson.


Our foreign guest


Her full name is Kara Weller. Kara is from Alasca. She is 51 years old. She has two sisters. One of the sisters lives in the USA and another one lives in Australia. She also hasn´t  got any pets.

Kara can speak five languages: English, Czech, Russian, Spanish and German. She also learns Finnish. 

In Alasca is very cold. There is minus 30°C. She goes skiing every day. Also she hasn´t got water in her cottage, so she goes to the nearest town for water.

She works in the cruise ship company called Seabourne. But she wants to be a teacher of English in Finland. 

Kara is interested in sports, music and reading. In the summer she is riding a horse and in the winter she is skiing.

And this is all about Kara. This lesson was great. I am happy for this experience and I think I understand almost everything, what she says.

A visit from Kara Weller


Kara has got two sisters,one lives in America and the other one lives in Australia.

And one of them also has got a family.

She works in a cruise ship company,the company is called Seabourn. 

She can speak Czech,English,German,Russian and she starts learning Finnish,because she wants to be an English teacher in Finland.

She tells us she’s 51 years old and she hasn’t got a family or a pet.

It was a great experience, I’m very happy that I met you.

Greetings from Filip Kubálek


„I’m happy, because I can understand English. Lesson was fine. I found lots of interesting things.“


„Kara Weller is a great person and I'm already looking forward to her coming again:-)“                                                                                                                                                   David

„I´m happy because it was my first time.“                                                                             Vojta

Our guest Kara

Our guest, Kara Weller, lives in Alaska. She can speak English, Czech and a little bit of Russian, Spanish and German, and she is also learning Finnish because she wants to move to Finland. Kara works at a cruise ship company called Seabourn as a tour guide, and wants to become an english teacher. She has got two sisters, one of them lives in the US, more specifically in Colorado. The other sister lives in Australia. She hasn’t got any pets, the reason for that is the fact that she lives in a cottage, in the middle of a forest. Overall, I think she is a nice person.


„I am happy, because I understood her. In Alasca is lots of differents animals. I would like her to come again sometime.“


It was a really good lesson.

Greeting Matyas Weber :)


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